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 We are a dump trucking business based in Livonia,MI.

  Our team of professional transporters looks forward to helping you with all your dump trucking needs in the Metro Detroit area.

We offer 100% Crushed Recycled Asphalt made right here in Livonia

Broken asphalt is reclaimed from road repair projects and transported to our yard in Livonia for processing. There it is seperated, crushed and screened down to the finished product.


We also offer a variety of other aggregates for your building needs.





Proud History

We are a second generation family business. Our father Frank started in the oil and gas hauling industry in 1948. After recognizing the need for more gravel haulers he purchased a dump trailer. The roads at the time were primitive compared to todays modern highways. The Eisenhower administration passed the Federal Highway Act in 1950 to build a nationwide system of interconnected highways. 

 During this era Michigan law was modified to allow a higher Gross Vehicle Weight of 160,000 lbs. spread across 11 axles. One of the first to configure the "gravel train",Frank with the help of other fellow truckers modified there tractors and trailers to conform to the new specs., for hauling two trailers instead of one. The race was on to build roads across Michigan and the rest of the country.

Today, the industry has grown to accomodate various materials and continues to innovate ways to transport them more efficiently.

The rest of the nation is considering the model that Michigan set more than 50 years ago.

With todays higher cost of fuel and the impact of more vehicles on the roads, having vehicles that move twice as much material using one tractor makes alot of sense.


Transport Specialists

We specialize in dump trucking of a variety of materials, sand ,stone ,slag ,limestone,fill dirt,topsoil, landscape and other bulk materials.


Crushed Asphalt is made at our Livonia crushing plant.

1 1/2 " Down

$5.00 per yard picked up


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